Data Centre

From project conception to end stage, Datacom delivers high-performing data centres that drive business success.

Telecommunication Networking

The telecommunication networking specialists at Datacom will help you keep pace with the data demands of the future.


Using the most up-to-date communication equipment, we plan and construct your base stations and control stations for a fast, reliable mobile telecommunications network.

Maintenance and upgrade

To help you meet the big data challenges of today, our team updates and maintains your existing telecom network to optimise efficiency and performance.

Optical fibre network installation

We specialise in installing top-of-the-line optical fibre networks. Our team designs and builds telecom networks to meet the data challenges of each organisation.


Datacom helps organisations meet the complex technological needs of today and tomorrow. We have over 15 years of experience in the planning, construction and management of data centres and the deployment of telecommunication networks. Building from the ground up, we meticulously design fast, reliable and secure digital infrastructure that advances business objectives. Our team are ready to put their knowledge and expertise at your service.

Daniel Hartmann
Managing Director

In the telecom industry, Daniel Hartmann has forged a unique reputation for strategic design in the creation of physical IT infrastructure. He brings deep expertise in architecture, construction and ITIL procedures. His previous roles include Head of Construction Work for Nokia, Facilities Project Manager for Nestlé data centres in Switzerland and Germany, and Network Deployment Manager for a major telecom company. On top of deploying servers, storage machines and telecom devices, Daniel has worked with companies on disaster recovery scenarios and power failure tests. He excels at bridging the diverse interests of stakeholders, especially those of businesses and construction specialists.